Thursday, 29 January 2009

Aggressive homophobe elected as head of Russian church

According to Russian and Belarusian gay sites, newly elected Russian Patriarch Kirill is known for his extreme homophobic views and socially conservative agenda. He called “tolerance towards gays” a “non-Russian tradition”, and compared “freedom of sex” to “freedom to kill”.

Not that it is surprising to see such people in churches, but Kirill is known for his intensive propaganda of hateful and far right religious messages using all modern IT means, state agencies, TV, and even at schools. He is a staunch advocate of studying “the basics of orthodox culture” as part of school curriculum. He has very strong influence on Russia’s state leaders. Reportedly he is a former KGB agent. Allegedly, during 90s he was involved in cigarette and vodka business as well as export of diamonds from Russia.

He advocates defining human rights on the basis of certain "moral precepts". In 2006, he also said that “the execution of any law inconsistent with Christian precepts, is not compulsory for Christians."

As if Russia did not go far enough down towards nationalism, intolerance and deterioration of human rights, now many fear that it will be promoted with even more intensity.

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