Thursday, 21 August 2008

UNICEF: Armenian children discuss documentary about gay teenager

As part of the “Children in the media” initiative run by UNICEF, 15 teenagers from Armenia participated in this year’s Prix Jeunesse ("youth jury") workshop in Yerevan (April 2008).

First of all, 15 children aged between 12 and 15 come together in the Manana Youth Center to be the regional youth jury for this year's Prix Jeunesse. They will watch six hours of programmes from all over the world - the finalists in the age category 12-15.
Among broadcasted programmes there was a documentary about a gay teenager from the Netherlands which sparked a “lively discussion”. No more details are provided.

...a documentary about a gay teenager from the Netherlands raises eyebrows. The topic is not very often talked about in Armenia, but is nevertheless sparks a lively discussion.
It is pretty much ‘breaking news’ taking into account Armenian realities. Education is key to deal with the prejudices and promote equality. Let’s hope similar initiatives will continue, and not only by UNICEF, and their scope will broaden to include more LGBT related programming, including locally made. As they say, “as part of an effort to promote and protect every child’s right to know more, say more and do more about the world they live in.”

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