Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Picture of the Day

YE5 I GAY numberplate up for sale in London

*via PinkNews


Anonymous said...

How do you get such special numberplates in England? I mean, in Armenia you just pay some cash, et voila, you are the proud owner of a "golden numberplate". How does this work in England?

artmika said...

:) Actually, as far as I am aware, you buy personalised numberplates here too, but… it’s done formally through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. I’ve read couple of days ago that there are plans to introduce formal auction-type sales of ‘golden’ numberplates in Armenia to tackle widespread corruption in the field. Lets see how it will work if this initiative gets materialised.

Btw, a year ago there was quite a scandal here in London when someone spotted ‘homophobic’ numberplate H8 GAY and the agency was forced to withdraw it after the story became public. It’s funny how a numberplate can be a reflection of things in society.