Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Let's come together

This video "Film Lovers Will Love This!" is one of four videos distrtibuted through European Commission in support of its Media project to promote European films. This sex-scene clip proved to be the most viewed video on EUtube since its launch.

According to BBC, "European Commission spokesman Martin Selmayr said there had been a flood of complaints from Poland about an intimate scene between two men - but refused to accept there was anything controversial about the film.

Fuming at what he called "quasi-religious bashing of the very important cultural diversity we have in the European Union", he said the lovemaking clips were excerpts from award-winning films, and that the commission was proud of the EU's rich cinematic heritage.

"The European Union is not a bible belt, we believe in freedom of expression and artistic creativity," he added."

As BBC pointed out, "None of the e-mailers to the EUtube site has objected about sexual content. The main complaint has been that few of the films are yet available in languages other than English, but the orgasmic cries of Film Lovers Will Love This! need no translation."

More info about the Media project by European Commission is available here

*video via EUtube

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